Kev-Racing Race Diffusor


The all new Kev-Racing SX-R Race Diffusors are created with passion to evolve the riding experience. Tested by Pro racers for over two years these sponsons are nothing less than Championship proven. 



The Race Diffusor is created to regenerate the stand up riding feeling we all love so much, with all the benefits of the new SX-R 1500. The signature hydrodynamic flow shape allows to enter corners at higher speeds with additional grip throughout the corners. Due to its unique design it has perfect straight line stability in any condition. Super sharp corners or wide open sweepers – The Sponson that brings back the stand up riding to its roots.

“I believe everyone should live to their fullest potential. With the Race Diffusors we created something that allows racers to up their game and bring back the joy of riding stand ups. It took two years in the making to finally create a product that I am really satisfied with. I am very pleased to share a product that I love and hope it helps racers around the world to evolve their riding.”

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 40 × 20 cm

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