Kevin Reiterer, a young man living his dreams, representing everything he does by doing it with passion. “With me, what you see is what you get.” The 23 year old Austrian has 5 Pro World Titles under his name and is known for his amazing abilites on a ski. 

Official rider of the 2018 UIM ABP Aquabike World Championship


Name: Kevin Reiterer   Birth:11.08.1992   Nationality: AUT   Hometown: Bad Fischau   Turned Pro: 2008   Category: Ski GP

11.08.1992, Neunkirchen, Österreich Kevin Reiterer was born in a small town near Vienna, Austria. 1997 his father Thomas was introduced to the sport by friends. A year later Kevin's mum bought the first ski. At the age of six the Austrian rode his first laps on a Stand-Up. Nobody knew this time, but this was meant to be the start of an unbelievable story of a young man out of Austria.

The talent soon become obvious when Kevin and his family started to travel through europe to compete at the European Championship in 2003. In 2005 Kevin was picked up by the Austrian Hydrospace Factory Racing Team. Amazing experiences for the young 15 year old boy, traveling around the globe while racing. Kevin is passionate, dedicated and ambitious about anything he does. The dream of becoming the best in the world started to grow inside of him.

2008 the year the world witnessed future greatness. With a King's Cup title Kevin drew attention on his performance. A year later, the young Austrian was growned to the fastest rider in the world. 17 years of age, barely chances to practice his sport, the young Austrian achieved his dream. Nowadays, he has 5 World titles under his name and is considered an icon in his sport. The only thing that has not changed - Kevin still enjoys any second on his ski.

"I want to be remembered in being beyond beliefs by doing what I love." Kevin Reiterer

5x World Champion

6x European Champion

2x King's Cup Champion

Marocco Night Race Winner

UAE Champion